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The village

The village, which was the birthplace of Albino Luciani, the future Pope John Paul I, is Canale d'Agordo - called Forno di Canale from the first half of the 19th century up to 1964. It is a small mountain municipality in the province of Belluno, in the heart of the Dolomites and precisely in the Agordino valley. It is situated between Falcade, a touristic centre to the west, and Cencenighe to the east. The Valles and San Pellegrino passes favour a suitable communication with the nearby Trento Region. Canale is surrounded by majestic tops such as the Civetta, Lastéi (Focobon), the impressive Altopiano delle Comèlle, the Cime d'Auta and the Marmolada. The lovely centre is enriched by numerous and typical tabià from the 15th century (old northern constructions built with the Blockbau technique and used for hay storing). The various old houses, absolutely typical of this valley enrich Piazza delle Pieve as well as the old sights of the village, its hamlets and the nearby centres of Vallada Agordina, Caviola and Falcade. Besides Pope John Paul I, Giuseppe Zais (1709-1781), a painter and landscapist of the Venetian 17th century and Giuliano De Rocco, who still paints his fascinating murals, were born in Canale, too. What is more, thanks to the wit of Rev. Antonio Della Lucia (1824-1906), the archpriest, the first Italian Cooperative Dairy was created in Canale (1872) along with the first Rural Nursery School of the Province of Belluno (1868). The Zannini Family, founder of the Pedavena Brewery (1847) comes from Canale.

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