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Gares Valley

Gares Valley is completely integrated in the territory of the municipality of Canale d'Agordo. It borders to the south with the municipalities of Tonadico (TN), Siror (TN), Taibon Agordino, to the east with the municipalities of Vallada Agordina and Cencenighe Agordino and to the west with the municipality of Falcade.

The valley stems from the Altopiano delle Comelle, from the Pale di San Martino and ends at the confluence with the torrent Biois at I Forn. The torrent Liera, flowing into the Biois torrent, crosses the valley.

This valley is one of the most beautiful ones from a naturalistic point of view. It has not been damaged by mass tourism and it offers marvellous examples of flora and fauna. At Pian de Giare, near the village of Gares, you can visit the very interesting biotope that gathers many animal species.
In this valley, there is the possibility of staying at a comfortable camping site or a hotel. There are two restaurants, a ‘malga’ (alpine area with a summer shelter for the shepherd and the cattle) and a lot of itineraries for summer and winter excursions. During the winter season, for people fond of skiing and professionals there is a background skiing track with breathtaking landscape and view over the beautiful natural waterfalls. Young Albino went for cattle grazing along with his younger brother Edoardo at Col d'i Prai, just after the Camping Lastei, on the right. At this place, there is an old sacellum, called "atriol d'i Prai" or "atriol del Sas de'l Felìpo". There, one day, in summer 1923, young Albino had forgotten his copybook, a present from Rev. Filippo Carli for his entering the seminary. A cow ate his copybook and Albino, in tears, run to his mother and to Rev. Filippo Carli. Both cheered him up telling him that this episode would not prevent his access to the seminary the following autumn.

For any information on the Gares valley, please contact the tourism office Pro Loco in Canale d'Agordo (Piazza Papa Luciani, 1-32020 Canale d'Agordo-BL, tel./fax:



The mining activity

Canale d'Agordo was mainly a mining centre after the 11th century. From the 14th to the 18th century onwards there was an important and constant iron and copper extraction with the fusion of the two minerals at the forges and workshops "I Forn", 500 meters far away from the present church.

The main sites of extraction were Sàis (near Canale) and Sass Négher (near the village of Garés).
For ages this activity was the main sustenance – along with agriculture and breeding – of the whole valley.
For this reason Canale d'Agordo became the economic, religious and political centre of the Biois valley and could afford the institution of a parish independent from Agordo from 1458 onwards.
"Le miniere in Valle del Biois" (2007), the book by Dante Fiocco and Denis Della Giacoma analyses and reports on mining activity in the Biois valley.


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