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The Pope Luciani Foundation

The Pope Luciani Foundation was founded in August 2009 to welcome and assist the numerous pilgrims who visit the birthplace of Pope Johnn Paul I. Its aim is to encourage the spread of information on the figure and actions of Pope John Paul I, the Servant of God, born Albino Luciani in Canale d'Agordo on 17 October 1912 and whose death occurred at the Vatican on the night between 28th and 29th September 1978, after 33 days of Pontificate.

It is qualified as a non-profit organisation of social utility (ONLUS in Italian) due to its mission to: promote and enrich things of artistic and historical interest, pursuant to law no.1089, 1st June 1939 and replaced by Italian Legislative Decree no.42, 22nd January 2004.

The Foundation is made up of:

- The Board of Address;

- The governing body.

The Board of Address is composed of three members: the Mayor of Canale d'Agordo and two councellor appointed by the city of Canale d'Agordo. The Mayor of the Municipality of Canale d'Agordo automatically acquires, once elected, the office of President of the Steering Board of the Foundation and the entire Board of Address takes office and decays with the mandate of the President of the Steering Committee.

The governing body can be a Board of Directors composed by a President and a number of directors from two to four, or by a Sole Director, depending on what is decided by the Policy Board at the time of appointment. The Board of Directors and the Managing Director are appointed by the Steering Committee and remain in office for the period established by the appointment decision.

The Foundation's bodies are composed of:

- Board of Address:

Rinaldo De Rocco, the Mayor of the municipality of Canale d' Agordo, President;

Marco Arcieri, counselor;

Paola Binotto, counselor.

- Administrative Body:

Chiara Fontanive, Administrator.

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