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Amedeo Da Pos Fund

Inside the Museum, there will also be the seat of the Amedeo Da Pos Fund.

It is a collection of about one thousand drawings carried out by the sculptor Amedeo Da Pos (Carfon di Canale d'Agordo 1870-1966), one of the best followers of Valentino Panciera Besarel. Amedeo Da Pos was a man of faith, as his sculptures demonstrate. Some of them are even present in the church of the Pieve in Canale d'Agordo. Amedeo had got his first-class degree at the Accademia delle Belle Arti of Venice in 1902 and had worked in the Trento region and in the province of Belluno. The artist had been appreciated by the clergyman Albino Luciani, who had addressed him to ask him for the lending of some old-age manuscripts.

The Amedeo Da Pos Fund also includes:

- The Benedetto Da Pos Fund (Carfon di Canale d'Agordo 1831-1920); he was Amedeo’s father and a sculptor, too. (about two hundred drawings);
- The Valerio Da Pos Fund(Carfon di Canale d'Agordo 1740-1822), a rural and very famous poet during the Most Serene Republic of Venice in the 18th century;

- The Fund of the Regola of Carfon-Fregona-Feder (1538-1964), it has got parchments and trial records of the Regola of the three villages of the Biois valley.
- Library of the Da Pos sculptors(17th-20th century)

The whole fund has been completely reorganized and inventoried in 2009 and will be put in the new museum, at the end of the works to increase its value. In 2009, Benedetto Da Pos’ heirs kindly allowed its exhibition and storage at the Museum of Pope Luciani.

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