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  • 1912. 17 October. Albino Luciani was born in Forno di Canale (Belluno) of Giovanni Tancon and Bortola Luciani. His baptism took place on the same day by Maria Fiocco, his midwife, because his life was in danger. On 19 October the baptismal service was held by Rev. Achille Ronzon, the cooperative vicar, mandated by Giovanni Battista Zanetti, the parish priest.
  • 1923. He enters the Minor Seminary in Feltre.
  • 1935. 7 July. He is ordained priest at Saint Peter’s church in Belluno. The following day he celebrates his first mass in Canale d’Agordo. He will stay as chaplain in Canale d’Agordo until December 1935.
  • 1935-1937. Chaplain in Agordo, where he teaches at Istituto Minerario, the local secondary school.
  • 1937-1947. He becomes assistant headmaster of the seminary in Belluno.
  • 1947. He gets his degree in sacred theology at Pontifical Gregorian University.
  • 1948-1954. He is named General Provicar of the Belluno diocese.
  • 1954-1958. He is appointed General Vicar of the Belluno diocese.
  • 1958. Pope John XXIII ordains him Bishop of Vittorio Veneto.
  • 1962-1965. He takes part into the Vatican Ecumenical Council II with two parishioners of his: mons. Giovanni Battista Costa, Bishop of Porto Velho and Father Saba De Rocco, General of the Somaschi Order.
  • 1969. He is named Patriarch of Venice by Pope Paul VI.
  • 1973. He becomes Cardinal.


  • 26 August. He is elected Pope with the name of John Paul I.
  • 3 September. He starts his Papacy with a Solemn Celebration on St. Peter’s Square.
  • 23 September. He takes possession of St. John in Lateran Basilica.
  • 28 September. He dies at night towards September 29.
  • 4 October. He is buried in the Vatican Caves.


  • 20 November Initiation of canonisation process.
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