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Primary School

The primary school building in Forno di Canale was built during the years immediately following World War I and opened in 1922. Albino attended only the fourth class at this building, whereas, during the first three years, he took his lessons at the old town hall, old seat of the Confraternita dei Battuti (Confraternity of the Beaten) and now the seat of the museum on Pope John Paul I.

In this school young Albino, attending the fourth class, wrote down a whole copybook of compositions – nowadays kept at the museum in Canale d’Agordo. He wrote letters as composition exercise to his mother and to an imaginary pen friend. These letters are the first writings he produced. 

Young Luciani was not an exemplary pupil, even though he was very clever and learnt easily: in fact his teacher had to call his mother nearly every day to tell her about unruly Albino pulling the young girls’ tresses. Besides, he did not succeed in sitting quietly on his desk without moving.

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