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Spiritual itineraries

The Biois and Gares valleys provide several starting points for personal reflection, as the landscape and the view that Albino Luciani admired in his infancy naturally lead to meditation and prayer.

Besides the possibility of covering the Stations of the Cross by Franco Murer, there are many other easy paths to go along. The municipality is planning to carry out some particular itineraries, bearing the message of John Paul I, in other words:

  1. The Route of Humility
  2. The Route of Faith
  3. The Route of Hope
  4. The Route of Love

These are the virtues which marked Albino Luciani’s life, work and pontificate.
For the present, the following sites can be visited in summertime:

  1. The sacellum (atriol) at Rividela, near Albino Luciani’s native home (work of art dating back to the 18th cent.), where young Albino stopped to pray.
  2. The sacellum (atriol) at 'l Angià, where Bortola Tancon Albino’s mother, took refuge during tempests, when she was at work on the fields.
  3. The Church of the Madonna della Neve at Gares, where young Albino often went praying.
  4. The sacellum (atriol) at Col d'i Prai, in the Gares valley. In the surroundings, Albino and Edoardo, the two brothers, went and looked after the cattle.  
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