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The tombs of Pope John Paul I’ s parents

In the municipality cemetery of Canale d’ Agordo there are still the tombs of Giovanni Luciani (1872-1952) and Bortola Tancon (1879-1948), Pope John Paul I’ s parents. Their simple burying testifies the humility that distinguished the whole course of Albino Luciani’ s life. Let us not forget that the term “humble” comes from the Latin “humus” (soil) and that is why it means “like the soil”. When Albino Luciani, the newly-elected bishop of Vittorio Veneto, came to his native village to celebrate his consecration, he struck everybody during the sermon with the following words: “I am pure and poor dust. On this dust God has written the episcopal dignity of the renowned diocese of Vittorio Veneto. If anything well ever comes out of all this, it should be clear since now: it is only the result of bounty, grace and mercy of our Lord.” Rev. Albino with his brother Edoardo and sister Antonia, had an inscription placed on the cemetery wall on the left of their parents’ tomb. It is still readable: “Here our beloved parents are resting waiting for resurrection. Your children”.

Besides his parents’ tombs, it is also possible to visit the tomb of his maternal grandmother Antonia Moè (1845-1908), of his teacher Maddalena Vendramin (1855-1926), of his parish priest Rev. Filippo Carli (1879-1934), of his brother Edoardo Luciani (1917-2008) and his sister-in-law Antonietta Marinelli (1920-2005).

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