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The works of art in honour of John Paul I

The altar towards the people (1979)

Of considerable interest is the altar by Dante Murer Moro, sculptor from Falcade (1930-2009), created for the visit to Canale of Pope John Paul II (1979): it is a brief history of Albino Luciani’s life and it points out the most important events. There is the central scene in which Christ hands out the keys of the Pontificate to him. He sustains the burden of it with one hand. Then there is the period of his infancy and youth when he took the cows to pasture (on the left), listened to catechism on his mother’s knees, and when he taught catechism himself to children as an altar boy; there are the years of the Council (on the right), the meeting with Cardinal Wojtyla and the moment when he embraced the children. By the side of the altar there are the three theological virtues: faith (conversion of St Paul), hope (hands upwards) and charity along with humility, the virtue chosen as episcopal motto by Bishop Luciani. It is represented by the image of Bishop Luciani visiting ill people in hospital.

The medallions by Massimo Facchin (1980)

On the façade of the priest’s house two elegant medallions by Massimo Facchin, a sculptor and painter born in 1916 and from Lamon (BL), were placed in 1980.The artist wanted to represent the portraits of John Paul I and John Paul II facing and smiling each other. In the middle there is a plaque commemorating the visit from Karol Wojtyla to the native land of his predecessor on 26 August 1979. It bears the following inscription: "26 August 1979. John Paul II, pilgrim to Canale d'Agordo, celebrates the 1° anniversary of the election to Pontiff of John Paul I, pope Albino Luciani"

The statue by Riccardo Cenedese (1982)

It represents Pope Luciani while entrusting his mitre to a child: this fact symbolizes his simplicity and his extraordinary capacity of talking to children. In front of the statue, Vincenzo Savio, Bishop of Belluno-Feltre and Edoardo Luciani, Pope John Paul I’ s brother, started a register on 25 February 2001. In this booklet, a huge number of pilgrims (21000 by 400 coaches in 2009), who visit the Church where he was baptized, leave mementos, prayers and thanksgivings for his graces.

Pope Luciani Stations of the Cross (2008)

On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of Pope Luciani’s election and his sudden death (1978-2008), the community of Canale d'Agordo decided to remember such an important anniversary by building the Stations of the Cross along one of the most striking routes of our village: Via Cavallera, with departure from Piazza Papa Luciani  at n° 20.
The bronze tiles were sculpted by Franco Murer from Falcade, son of the famous Augusto, and were offered by various people, families and groups, admirers and people devoted to Pope John Paul I.
Anybody who wants to admire the works or pray in front of the tiles can do it at all ease from Easter to All Saints. In winter the itinerary is covered with snow and ice and the tiles are often hidden by the snow cover. The itinerary consists of 15 stations which connect Piazza della Pieve to the last area of the municipality of Canale facing the cemetery of Caviola.
It is possible to carry out the celebration of the Stations of the Cross autonomously along the route or by calling the Parrocchia di S. Giovanni Battista di Canale (Piazza Papa Luciani, 20, 32020 Canale d' Agordo-BL, tel/fax. 0437.590280; e-mail:
 To see the work by Franco Murer on-line click here


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